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Welcome to the GSF Centre.

Gold Standards Framework gives outstanding training to all those providing end of life care to ensure better lives for people and recognised standards of care.

The National Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Centre in End of Life Care is the UK’s leading provider of training in end of life care for generalist frontline staff.

GSF is a systematic, evidence based approach to optimising care for all patients approaching the end of life, delivered by generalist frontline care providers. We run training programmes that help to support all people approaching their last year/s or so of life in any setting.

The recent NHSE Long Term Plan  (Jan 2019) recommends improved proactive, personalised and well-coordinated care  for all people in the final year of life.  Use of the GSF Quality Improvement Programmes will enable you to fully achieve these requirements in all locations, as well as the new revised GP’s QOF in End of Life Care, NICE Guidance and NHSE Ambitions in End of Life Care.

NEW GSF QOF SUPPORT OFFER for GP Practice 2019/20

Follow the link for the Silver Programme:


See videos from Tim Straughan, NHSE Deputy Director of Personalised care;  and Sarah Jarvis, TV presenter, GP, Clinical Director Patient Information.

If you’re looking to improve end of life care in your area or setting and would like to find out more about GSF, click on one of the icons below, the blue toolbar above or contact us / Tel: 01743 291891 or Tel: 02077 893740

The main GSF Training Programmes are related to the 3 main places where people live and die, plus integrated cross boundary care.

  • The GSF Care Homes programme was recognised by The National Skills Academy for Social Care as a Centre of Excellence in March 2011 and 2013.
  • GSF Primary Care was a finalist in the BMJ Excellence Awards and is recommended by RCGP.
  • GSF Hospitals - highly commended in NHS North West Excellence in Supply Awards 2014.
  • GSF Hospital accreditation is recognised by CQC as the only End of Life Care accredited scheme for hospitals included as CQC’s information source.

GSF has received awards or been recommended by:-

Skills for Care
NHS Excellence in Supply Awards

If you would like any further details or you cannot find the information you require, please contact us on or 01743 291891 or 02077 893740