General Accreditation Information

GSF delivers Quality Improvement Programmes within a number of different settings.

In order to ensure the integrity and sustainability of this work we have developed Quality Hallmark Accreditation Processes. This enables the organisation to demonstrate sustained best practice.

We have bi-annual conferences and award ceremonies throughout the year to celebrate good practice.

Care Homes Accreditation was developed in 2008 with two rounds of up to 100 care homes per round.

Primary Care Accreditation was developed in 2012, with the first 7 practices receiving their award at our conference in November 2012. More practices have undertaken this process with a further 2 being accredited in 2013. At the September 2014 conference, GSF accredited another practice, and at the latest conference in September 2015, 4 more practices were accredited, bringing the total to 14. Round 5 of Primary Care Accreditation has now started, in line with the next Award Ceremony in May 2016.

Community Hospitals in the South West underwent the Accreditation process with the first awards given to 12 wards in September 2014. A further 4 wards have been Accredited at our latest September 2015 Conference and Round 4 Accreditation have now started, in line with the next Award Ceremony in May 2016.

Accreditation for Acute Hospitals has only recently been developed with a total of  5 wards currently being Accredited  from Rounds 1 and Round 2. Round 3 has also now begun, in line with the next Bi-Annual Conference in May, 2016. 

Benefits of Accreditation

Accreditation in other areas is currently in development.


Updated: 2/08/2016