We invite representatives from GSF accredited organisations to become more involved in the work of the Gold Standards Framework Centre by becoming GSF Ambassadors, to help further local and national awareness of the importance of improving end of life care using GSF. Together, by sharing experiences and examples of best practice, we can develop the national momentum of best practice in end of life care in our country.

You are the frontrunners in your field!  The fact that you can provide such good quality care means that others can too- but we need others to know about what is possible!

The new World Health Organisation (WHO) statement strengthening palliative care in all countries (May 2014) affirms the need for greater training, awareness and support for all health and social care professionals at every level to provide top quality palliative care for all in their care. We believe GSF is part of the solution and ask you to join us in spreading the message and enabling more organisations to take part, leading to more people living well and dying well. As part of our submission to the WHO and improve awareness of GSF  in this country, we want to develop greater public involvement and capture more grass roots examples of best practice  that can demonstrate what is possible to achieve. 

GSFCH Ambassador Role

  • To share their experiences and benefits of working with GSF in all settings
  • Support and enable others at any stage on their journey
  • To contact Commissioners to outline the benefits of GSF
  • To attend local care home forums or cluster groups
  • To host and attend support meetings or open days to showcase good practice to others
  • To mentor and buddy those who are interested in developing in their setting

Who can be an Ambassador

  • The Ambassador should be an experienced GSF coordinator or Lead whose organisation has been involved in GSF training and accreditation.
  • They should be knowledgeable about GSF within their setting.  They are someone who is willing to share their experience of striving for high quality End of Life Care.
  • They will represent GSF and keep the Centre informed of their progress and meetings.

Ambassador Support

The Ambassador network will support Ambassadors in their role of raising the profile of EOLC and sharing the benefits of using GSF for staff and residents by:

  • Equipping them with a briefing pack including an Ambassador's badge
  • Regular updates with recent resources to improve practice
  • Hosting a programme of events, approx. 4 per year, including workshops at 2 GSF conferences and the annual events at the House of Commons
  • Discounts on some GSF events and training
  • A dedicated section of the website for Ambassadors
  • Consulting on national issues to improve national representation of the sector to government
  • Regular invitations to join telephone networking

We are very grateful for your help in this important work and we very much look forward to working with you in future. To apply to become an ambassador please download and complete application form below and return it via email.

For further information please contact the GSF Centre on 01743 291898 or email megan.powell@gsfcentre.co.uk

Ambassador Registration Form

TBC (GSF Ambassadors Lead) 


Updated 31/5/18