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GSF training improves staff retention and morale in care homes

The National Care Forum’s 2016 Personnel Survey Report, published this week, found that a majority of staff in care homes leave in the first two years of employment, and 44.7% leave within the first 12 months – the lowest retention rate ever recorded.

This is disruptive to teams and despite all best intentions may have an impact on the continuity and quality of care provided.  It certainly has cost implications too.

Would you like to help increase staff confidence and morale in your Home and reduce staff turnover?

Research has demonstrated that Gold Standards Framework (GSF) training increases staff knowledge, empowerment and confidence.

GSF has been shown to increase confidence levels by about 25%.

Qualitative feedback shows that staff have more job satisfaction and that the GSF tools enable them to make the most of what they do and give coordinated compassionate care.

Please click on the link below to view brief interviews with Care Home managers to hear how GSF has improved staff retention.

GSF training improves staff retention and morale 

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