GSF Acute Hospital Course Information

Description and Background 

GSF within Acute Hospitals has long been considered the missing link in terms of cross boundary working, and in 2009 the Phase 1 GSF Acute Hospitals (GSF AH) pilot training programme was undertaken.

  • Phase 2 commenced in April 2011
  • Phase 3  commenced in May 2012
  • Phase 4 commenced in June 2013 
  • Phase 5 commenced in September 2014
  • Phase 6 commenced in June 2015
  • Phase 7 due to commence Spring 2016

Programme Format

The GSF AH Training Programme takes a ‘train the trainers’ approach, divided into three stages over 18 months (Foundation level) leading to accreditation (enhanced level) 2 / 3 years, including:

  • Preparation phase
  • Structured training programme
  • Evaluation and sustainability plan

This programme can be implemented in one or two wards, several wards or across the whole hospital trust.

Local requirements

  • Local facilitators to lead the programme
  • Local ward ‘champions'
  • Board/organisational ‘sign up’

Meeting targets and quality markers

  • DH Quality Markers
  • Many local CQUIN targets
  • NICE standards
  • QIPP agenda

How and where is training delivered

  • 6 ‘train the trainers’ workshops for each project – site visits by GSF team are an optional extra
  • Training is delivered on site by local trainers 

Programme length

  • Approximately 18 months (foundation level) leading to accreditation (enhanced level) 2 / 3 years 

Benefits and outcomes

  • Identification of patients entering the last 6-12 months of life
  • Assessment of needs
  • Planning for care through advanced care planning
  • Reduction in hospitalisation; rapid discharge, reduced length of stay
  • Increases patient and carer satisfaction – reduces complaints
  • Increased staff awareness, confidence and job satisfaction
  • Greater coordination of care and cross boundary communication

Support provided

  • A range of options are available – for specific information contact the GSF Centre
  • Fully supported:
                      'Train the trainers’ day for each project site lead
                      Project management and milestone plan
                      Monthly coaching sessions and conference calls and regular updates
  • Optional visits from GSF Centre team member to hospital site

Resources included

Fully resourced programme including:

  • Preparation pack; Good Practice Guide; filmed DVD training programme; prepared powerpoint presentations; delegate packs; posters and additional resources
  • All evaluations including After Death Analysis (ADA) Audit, Staff survey, Key Outcome Ratios, Organisational/ Foundation Level questionnaire
  • Access to restricted section of GSF website


Baseline and Follow up:

  • ADA Audits
  • Staff confidence surveys
  • Case Studies
  • Organisational/ Foundation level survey

Costs - contact the GSF Centre on


Second Round of accreditation is just coming to an end, and presentation awards will be held on 25th Sept, 2015. The invitation to apply for Round 3 of Acute Hospital Accreditation was sent out on 30th September, 2015, and applicants are currently working on their portfolios in prepartion for their required submission in January 2016. The next Healthcare Awards Ceremony will be in May, 2016.

If interested in applying for Round 4 of Acute Hospital Accreditation, please contact the GSF team at