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 ”I think the biggest change has been the culture change...... it’s about getting patients and their families to take ownership of their care. GSF is the framework that allows us to make that happen. The best bit is making sure that patients receive the care they want, where they want it, when and how they want it and the satisfaction they and we get from that.” - Dr Kumar, Stroke Consultant at Royal Lancaster Infirmary




Acute Hospitals Training Programme



“GSF is well thought through, patient focussed and joined up ...I’m pleasantly surprised that they (clinical teams) are up for this—they can see it makes a difference.“  - Mike Connolly, Nurse Consultant, Wythenshawe  


The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Acute Hospitals training programme has been considered to be the ‘missing link’ in planning and implementing care for those patients thought to be in the last 6-12 months of life. 

This programme is divided into three distinct stages, and is implemented over a 2 year period.

 We provide:

  1. Train the Trainers Days and  Workshops
  2. All Resources
  3. Independant Evaluation
  4. Personalised Coaching Support

Stage 1 - Preparation Phase

This involves preparation workshops plus

  • Planning with local teams and facilitators
  • Raising awareness in your hospital
  • Baseline evaluations - ADA (After Death Analysis), Staff Survey, Case Histories,  Organisational Foundation questionnaire & Key Outcome Ratios
  • Planning teaching

Stage 2 - Training & Implementation

A structured six step training programme which is delivered locally by your facilitators, who are supported by the national GSF team via a number of prepared resources, monthly coaching sessions, regular conference calls, e-mail support, and in some cases site visits.  All resources, posters, ward folder, patient leaflets etc are provided.

   Stage 3 - Reflection & Next Step

  • Decide about progress to enhance level and spread to whole hospital
  • Repeat evaluation and Follow-up
  • Present Report to your Board and plan continuation

The GSF Acute Hospitals programme will support your organisation in the achievement of a range of targets and quality markers, including Department of Health Quality Markers, many local CQUINS, NICE standards and the QIPP agenda. These will be demonstrated through the use of evidence based tools, including the ADA audit tool, surveys of staff confidence and changes in organisational culture, all of which form an integral part of stages 1 & 3 of the programme. 

Poster summary of programme


Professor Sir Mike Richards presenting the Quality Hallmark Award to Ward 23, Royal Lancaster Infirmary

"GSF is a very important tool that I do believe, if people are doing the things that are in GSF, they will find that they come out very well on CQC inspections - I'm not saying GSF is the only approach, we would never say that, but it is AN approach that could help people get to being good...and then outstanding. (CQC reports)." - Sir Mike Richards, 27th March, 2015

Acute Hospital section of the March Bi-Annual Conference

Experience of using GSFAH in Airedale from Linda Wilson

 “GSF has then given us the framework to engage with relatives and put things in place to ensure the outcome they want for their relative."  

 To register your interest and receive details regarding the next GSF Acute Hospitals training programme please complete our Expression of Interest form. 


Updated:  1/12/2015

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